dSights is a data tech specialist with a vision to create value through

Outcome-Oriented AI Fuelled By Innovative Experimentation

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Illuminating Customer Insights, Powering Your Success!

CustSense AI is a suite of Customer Analytics solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide businesses with valuable insights into their customer base and improve their customer-centric strategies.

➔ CustSense AI utilizes AI and data analytics for customer insights and enhanced strategies.
➔ Solutions are tailored to meet your specific business requirements.
➔We offer diverse applications, from lead scoring to CX analytics..
➔ We work with various platforms and stacks, making use of open-source frameworks.
➔ Our solutions are applicable across multiple industry sectors.



Enhancing Risk Management
with AI’s Edge

Risk Shield AI offers a tailored suite of risk analytics solutions designed for the retail lending and insurance industries. This comprehensive set provides specialized tools to efficiently manage and mitigate risks in these sectors.

➔ RiskShield AI comprises a comprehensive suite of risk analytics solutions designed to address the specific needs of both the retail lending and insurance industries.
➔ This solution set offers a range of tools and capabilities tailored to effectively manage and mitigate risks across these sectors.
➔ In the insurance domain, RiskShield AI plays a pivotal role in underwriting and claims modeling.
➔ Utilizes AI and data analytics for retail risk and insurance claim modeling.



From Business Needs to Reality , the craft of delivering custom AI solution

IntelliCraft AI is our customized framework designed to turn unique business needs into reality through AI solutions. This tailored AI solution is future-ready, growing with your enterprise and optimized for success.

➔ At dSights, we understand that every enterprise is unique, with distinct needs and aspirations.
➔ AI Crafter is our framework designed to transform your business requirements into reality through customized AI solutions.
➔ The Crafted and Tailored AI Solution is a future-ready AI ecosystem that grows with your enterprise and is optimized for your success.
➔ An integration of AI Tech to your business workflow and decision making.


We offer domain specific solutions for Retail and Restaurants.

our Deliverables

Custom Dashboard

Open source based custom dashboard deployed using  serverless infrastructure.

Inference APIs

Integration of Machine Learning models with applications.

Data Application

Custom made web and mobile applications with AI | ML driven features. 

Data Platforms

Data engineering solutions to collect, store and retrieve large data such as Data warehouse, Data lake, Data mart and ElastiCache

our Projects

Early claim forecasting model for a life insurance company.

The claim forecasting solution, powered by machine learning, aims to reduce early claims for a life insurance company. By analyzing historical data, patterns, and external factors, it accurately predicts claim incidences in various business situations


Forecasting @scale on Hydroponics data

Implemented remote monitoring for the plant growth of a hydroponic farm using a Machine Learning solution that utilizes image and sensor feeds.


Repurchase propensity score for a Pizza Chain

Designed a Repurchase Propensity Model for a major pizza chain with the goal of boosting incremental sales and enhancing customer loyalty and retention

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Founder, Principal Data Scientist
About us

dSights is a data tech specialist with a vision to create value through ”Outcome-Oriented AI fueled by creative experimentation”
We combine our analytical and engineering capabilities to maximise the value from your data, further enabling our highly proficient Dev Ops team to deploy user-friendly applications with ultimate precision.

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Human Centric

dSights was started by a group of passionate data scientists from diverse backgrounds-Statistics, Applied Math and Software Engineering.

We have a team of data scientists, data engineers and business analysts available to lend our expertise to our partners.

We specialize in domains such as Retail, Hospitality, Financial and IT Services, offering expertise in  analytics and insights for businesses in these sectors.

We have practical experience in Data Engineering, Machine Learning,Data Visualization, Cloud and DevOps.

CustSense AI is a suite of customer analytic solutions covering components of customer behavior across the lifecycle.

Enhancing risk management with AI’s Edge

We customize a special framework to solve unique use-cases for business