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Illuminating Customer Insights, Powering Your Success!

CustSense AI is a suite of Customer Analytics solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide businesses with valuable insights into their customer base and improve their customer-centric strategies.

➔ CustSense AI utilizes AI and data analytics for customer insights and enhanced strategies.
➔ Solutions are tailored to meet your specific business requirements.
➔We offer diverse applications, from lead scoring to CX analytics..
➔ We work with various platforms and stacks, making use of open-source frameworks.
➔ Our solutions are applicable across multiple industry sectors.



Enhancing Risk Management
with AI’s Edge

Risk Shield AI offers a tailored suite of risk analytics solutions designed for the retail lending and insurance industries. This comprehensive set provides specialized tools to efficiently manage and mitigate risks in these sectors.

➔ RiskShield AI comprises a comprehensive suite of risk analytics solutions designed to address the specific needs of both the retail lending and insurance industries.
➔ This solution set offers a range of tools and capabilities tailored to effectively manage and mitigate risks across these sectors.
➔ In the insurance domain, RiskShield AI plays a pivotal role in underwriting and claims modeling.
➔ Utilizes AI and data analytics for retail risk and insurance claim modeling.



From Business Needs to Reality , the craft of delivering custom AI solution

IntelliCraft AI is our customized framework designed to turn unique business needs into reality through AI solutions. This tailored AI solution is future-ready, growing with your enterprise and optimized for success.

➔ At dSights, we understand that every enterprise is unique, with distinct needs and aspirations.
➔ AI Crafter is our framework designed to transform your business requirements into reality through customized AI solutions.
➔ The Crafted and Tailored AI Solution is a future-ready AI ecosystem that grows with your enterprise and is optimized for your success.
➔ An integration of AI Tech to your business workflow and decision making.


We offer domain specific solutions for Retail and Restaurants.

CustSense AI is a suite of customer analytic solutions covering components of customer behavior across the lifecycle.

Enhancing risk management with AI’s Edge

We customize a special framework to solve unique use-cases for business